Creating the "perfect" Orbiter.

When Orbiter is full of AddOns it may start to give problems. Crash To Desktop (CTD) and freezes are the most common problems. Some, when confronted with these problems go back and erease all malfunctioning files. Now that's a worst problem: what are the files and where they are?
So what to do to isolate bad AddOns and keep the sistem out of incompatibilities?

  1. Some create several Orbiter Directories. Eg.: "Desktop\Orbiter\with StarTrek AddOns" and "Desktop\Orbiter\with Space:1999 AddOns" and "Desktop\Orbiter\with Space Race AddOns" all directories in the same computer.
  2. Other control the impulses. Eg.: Imagine going to watch your Orbit Hangar Mods RSS Feed's news and you see the great shinning-brand-new spacecraft smiling at you: the Hail Probe Version5.4! You think "Oh, I gotta have that!" but... Hold on, what are the features? What's the quality; is it from a trusted developer, is the folder structure and documentation alright? Incompabilities? Is it that better from the last release? After checking all that you think "Oh the only new feature is RCS thrusters... it's still a pun only." So no download. Less AddOns less probability of malfunctioning.
  3. Create a sandbox extra directory. This is what I do: There's the main directory fully funcional, then you have the one where you test for incompatibilities and CTD's frequency before installing it over the funcional one. If the new one bugs the simulation, then erease this folder and start it again keeping the main safely still funcional.
  4. Diagnose your directory. In my opinion (please tell if you don't think so) this don't always work but it's still useful. You know how Orbiter works (file structure, AddOn's "gears", how the magic in a computer and programming is done) then go browsing all your files in the directory! Are they in their places? Is some Configuration line wrong? Etc....? Simple as boring! Don't worry, a cool developer called Pablo Luna (or AR81 in the Community) made Orbiter Diagnostic which notices the inconsistencies so you can fix them yourself.
Currently I'm working on for the best directory and file structure without errors. This "Perfect Orbiter" will be released as soon I get good results doing so unless for some reason it loses worthness and/or interest in the community.
You may comment and give information at Tex's Forum here: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=7990
Good luck and keep the RAM usage low :P .

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