Sponsorship of the Rocket Racing League

Party! Play some Bob Sinclair Music and let's celebrate the incoming, costless and fast race organized by the same AddOn developer who made one of the best Earth bases for Orbiter: the Ascension Island Wideawake International Spaceport by wehaveaproblem. So there should be some billboards; And all those equipment for billboards installation, seats for watchers and security systems/inspectors are expansive, so Digtech's is proud to be represented on some of the billboards.



This is the results of a thread started by the now banned Nickmick95 from Orbiter-Forum in which was organized a contest for AddOn developers (not much different from this: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=18684&t=18626#reply_18684 (yes Ar81, I've not forgot that). But the Nickmick95 was banned while running the contest, so Talon1 took over the thread running it quiet well until some of DigTech's best judges and analist (it's actually just one person) joined on running the contest with Talon1.
Here's the original thread: http://orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=4285 if you need more information.

And Here is the first results by NukeET http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3646
So the file structure looks well done specially by adding the documentation on "AddOn's doc" and it can easly be installed. The description at Orbit Hangar mods is really detailed and worth reading with no notice of grammar mistakes and the title is not overappealing.
But after testing the given scenarios, I noticed some problems, like the MapMFD don't show the location of the base on it, just "know" the base is there. 
Anyway the overall is great: a big well designed base with many pads and the symbolicLazy D's Tribute near.
So by now the stars are:

Talon1 Stars: 4.75 stars (9.5 out of 10)

Nettiquete: 4.9 stars

User-friendlyness: Not Considered for ground bases

Realism: 5 stars

Funcionality: 5 stars

Overall view: 3.8 stars

This Competition Has Been Canceled


Release #2

New release!!! Yupiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I think... but still without a good idea for the Orbiter Adventures...
More information hiden behind that picture ;-) :

go to http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3549
P.S.: 3 downloads after release!!! Amazing I'm getting famous!


Earth's Atmosphere

After going to Wikipedia and other Google Searches I was doing to learn something about planets atmosphere (starting on Earth's one) I come to the thought if Orbiter correspond the same knowledge I have, because Atmosphere on Europe is not the same at U.S.A for example or Chile or wherever it is so people should make medium numbers about air's chemistry, Atmospheric structure, ect.... but usually they make round numbers. So I made definitions of "right" numbers and I will make several experiments to know Orbiter's numbers. 

-If you think some numbers are not right make a comment please.
-If you want to help me with some experiments send me an E-mail please.
-This will not cover topics which Orbiter don't simulate like air chemistry.

Atmospheric  Structure:

Experiment #1-Reentry Line Finished

Where does air is thick enough to create plasma on body's hull which are in a reentry trajectory?
This Line is at: usually 120km finishing the plasma effect at 10km for most meteors.
Orbiter Starts Reentry Flames at: This effect depends greatly on the craft's shape and mass so impossible to test in real life with most of spacecraft.

Experiment #2-Karman's Line Finished

In spite of this boundary it's imaginary, I want to know where does Orbiter states the boundary beetwen Space and Atmosphere (more information on: http://www.fai.org/astronautics/100km.asp 
This Line is at: 100km high
Orbiter makes at: ~87km high
How: this experiment uses the theory that OrbiterSound (by DanSteph) music (outside cockpit view and when at default configuration) starts when the vessel at focus has reached space, so I found out that the values are somewhat different from try to try ranging from 78 to 101, but most tries hit the 80's.

--Remaining numbers and experiments will be post soon.--


Failed Projects

This is a list of projects that didn't worked or were a fiasco, simple hum?...:

-Lightinator: it should be a light source AddOn resulting on this threat: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/forum/read.php?f=2&i=12698&t=12698#reply_12698
Result: it only enlights itself.

-Orbiter Adventures 2 "A Moment of Success": First try :P ...
Result: poor story (but not bad pictures :-) !), poor post-edition, badly critecized.

Reveled Projects

Ah, Ah, Ah, usually (as safety precaution) there's a rule in DigTech that says "No One Needs to Know Our Unfinished Projects" but in this threat there will be some exepctions to enlight you about the future.

-DigTech's Skin Pack for DanSteph's Delta Glider IV (probably will change into Delta Glider V): 66% complete

-Orbiter Adventures 2 (new story, keeping what Ar81 has started): 8% complete

-Antimatter Spacecraft (At Light Speed and Beyond!): 40% complete

-See these links: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/forum/read.php?f=2&i=13233&t=13233 (mesh finished, will make a pack with Antimatter Spacecraft) + http://orbiter.dansteph.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=18627&t=18626#reply_18627 (mesh finished)

Release #1

Historic was the day 16th July of 2008 when DigTech's released the Heroes DGIV's skin!

For more information cilck on the picture:

go to http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3449


DigTech's Concept is created

DigGil has created the idea of DigTech in 2007.
2006 was the year he discovered an amazing freeware called "Orbiter" which is a Space Flight Simulator by Dr. Martin Schweiger, Ph.D at University College London:

Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to
deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the
futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is
yours. But make no mistake - ORBITER is not a space shooter. The emphasis is
firmly on realism, and the learning curve can be steep.
Martin Schweiger (Orbiter creator) http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/orbit.html

In spite of being so good it is still in constant development, so the Orbiter community use AddOns to enhance Orbiter capabilities (get some at Orbit Hangar Mods).
Dig found some AddOns which the PDF document file had a Logo and Slogan like in an actual business called "Ring Corp." ("Future-proof tecnhologies") Help Us Find the Lost Authors! and later "Burchismo Aerospace"(Greg Burch). That moment DigTech's founder realized that his future AddOns should had "a face" too. This concept is not currently finished yet (that's why there's only one member yet). Projects are blueprinted, knowledge is growing!