Returning Project

Seems I disapeared from the Orbiter Community like a Stalker in a novel from the brothers Strugatsky (a good book indeed), but the development of DigTech Co. continued (somehow) aside of the Space Program. Anyway, I'm back now, and because I halted my major projects during so much, I'll start again from something simpler to strech out.
This time DigTech engineers stol... I mean took with license a concept draw from Artlav (username at Tex's forum) and, inspired by the good old Ladas, tried to make it a cheaper and more robust* design. The spacecraft is called Pella Tug, a general-service (for civilian as military use) asteroid tug/transporter.

Pella (from Capella) is the brightest star of the Auriga Constellation.

This ladybird-like ship is able to move rocks about 3 times it's size, but the maximum weight it's still confidential information.
Another non-confidential caracteristics are the following:

Length Size: back to confidential
Main Propulsion System Type: Nuclear Fusion Drive
RCS/Auxiliar Control System Propulsion Type: Ammonium Chemical Combustion
Cooling System: Fluid transports the heat into a powerplant for electrical production (excess is drived to heat sinks to storage until the deployment of radiators.
Docking Ports: one (for fuel only; Crew enters through the "Door")
Communication System: Omnidirectional Long-Range MF-EHF (365Kh to 35Gh) Radio Antenna

The following is a list of caracterist's changes from Artlav's design:

Number of Propulsion Reactors: Change from 4 to 3 in a triangular theme for economic purposes.
Number of Asteroid Claws: Change from 4 to 3 in a triangular theme for economic purposes.
Shape of the Body:
-Left from being round to be edge-full to deflect high speed rock particles in the same way that the F-117 Nighthawk deflected RADAR waves (to the sides)... or just for the style (beware that the reactors may change).
-Added the "Door", a refueling docking port and different, (supposely) more efficient radiators.
-The Claws have a metal ring too to avoid smaller asteroids to escape and to hold in place additional RCS thrusters.
-The Crew cabine has a controled enviroment (no need for lead pellets to cover).
RCS Thrust Model: Added additional RCS thrusters for forward and backward translation.
Gauss Gun's Pellets Storage and Material: The pellets, now, are made not from lead (toxic and precious) but iron (found in almost any asteroid) so the gun itself uses more convetional magnetic fields for the shot. The pellets may be used to project the asteroid out of the claws, but I'm not sure if it still could be used in deaccelaration (less density, less energy; now we have additional RCS for that anyway).

Development Piece of the Message Post:
This is the development news page, useful for suggestion and opinion sharing.

Pictures of what's already done (beware of outdate):

Anim8or's model Version 1.0 (Still untextured; With radiators extended; For demostration purpose)

This is a vegetal paper made concept art that mimics Artlav's original draw, but with changes included (unless it's too complicate to draw within 15 minutes, or I changed mind while modelling). (Note that if you think I'm a poor drawer, then send me a better one that I'll appreciate)

29th July Development Notes:

-Mesh has some mis-alignments fixed.
-Now the asteroid claws are part of spacecraft's body rather than modified separated parallelepipeds.
-Claw's Ring is optimized to place the RCS thrusters.
-The Gauss Gun now has a hole in it (might be removed later to reduce poly-count).

30th July Development Notes:

-Due suggestion of Artlav there are new engine reactors (see todays poll and screenshot).
-Engine Reactors' grid has been made.
-Textures have designed and worked, but not applied to the mesh due some 'technical problems' *siffle*
-Some minor cleaning of the mesh.
-New screenshot:

2nd July Development Notes:

-Making the Engine Reactors better (new look will try to make them really fitting the ship)
-Working on Textures (70% Complete).
-Handling the 3D modeller's bad mood to work :P .

4th to 6th July Development Notes:

-Modeling, sketching, Drafting.
-Advertisement Experimentation.

7th July Development Notes:

-Working on Textures (80% Complete)
-Advertisemente Experimentation Phase 2

DigTech's Engineer's are still on holidays, so these workers are proefficient mecanics and tinkers. (click too enlarge)Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

9th July Development Notes:
-Added RCS

10th July Development Notes:
-Updated RCS.
-Started the "Armor".
-Because of Anim8or denying to work propely today (again) I'll post 'bloppers' instead:

What the DigTech's Markting Department don't wants you to see
Several minor flaws have been determinated during the constuction of the Pella Spacecraft (click to enlarge)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

1st November Development Notes:
-Updated the "Armor".

2nd November Development Notes:
-Nothing major. Today I'll post some pictures (a bit outdated)
go to http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/3342/finnallythercsandanewco.png

go to http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/4721/newengineswithdockingpo.png
21st July Development Notes:
-Finished RCS Thrusters. A good note here is that I've modelled a simpler thruster system than planned.

28th July Development Notes:
-Lattice Structured Claws have been already finished.

29th July Development Notes:
-Minor Claw structure corrections.

*I've never experienced a Lada, so this is based on my father's and wikipedia claims.