Plasma Reactor Engine

DigTech co.'s Research & Development Staff unveils what they've been working for months. DigTech Developted its first prototype of a direct Helium-Deuterium fusion reactor which has the optional feature of a Liquid Oxigen afterburner.
The new reactor is designed specially for interplanetary spaceflight, but it's able to atmospheric flight using fly-by-wire built-in systems. The Atmospheric flight performance in a theorical blunt spacecraft model is expected to be greater than the Mark IV Engine used in Spacetech's DeltaGliderIV. It has got an ISP value similar to NASA's Saturn V rocket's engine, but more redundant and therefore less likely to fail plus its fusion process produces Water and Lithium that may be collected for crew's resource needs.
The downfall of this new reactor is that it weights about 11 tons and therefore it will only be used by a secret spacecraft codenamed "Crane" that's being constructed by Alrik (from the Orbiter-Forum Community), yet.

Picture of the Reactor Engine Prototype


UCGO Gold Release.

Daniel Polli (AKA DanSteph) released his long waited Universal Cars and Cargos (in a strange acronym) for Orbiter. I've downloaded it today which is Tuesday, therefore it's a historic moment for Orbitenauts. Apart from a repetitive tendency to be read "humain" instead of "human" and other minor-tiny-sized spelling issues, the AddOn is very good and full of the detail and quality as we may expect from DanSteph. It's still a 'Gold' (although he says he's about release 'Final') so I'm still looking forward to read the revised documentation to find "If you experience Crash to desktop during EVA ingress or [DeltaGliderIV destruction] any other problem it is 99.99% probable that you have another addon MFD or module that has kept a handle on [DGIV] UCGO or Ummu after is deletion." written on it.
Enjoy it! And, by the way, just so you know, seems like that Artlav's Orulex doesn't like UCGO's cars or any other non-flying apparatus.